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Primed Doors

At Darpet, we are primed door specialists. We believe that these doors, above others, are what make a house a home. Primed doors are typically a mixture of modern and traditional, molded yet simple. Whether you desire a simple, yet classic white door, or are a feeling a bit rebellious and want to go with black, or any color in-between, these doors will give you a beautifully finished look.

And that’s the biggest advantage of primed doors. You can make them exactly what you want them to be. With the doors already pre-primed, just add the color you want. It’s all up to your own imagination and originality. Unique styles and colors make a new house a special home or can give an existing home a new and exciting transformation. Also add the crown moulding, baseboards and Emtek hardware of your choice to further enhance your home masterpiece. For primed doors, now is the prime time to call Darpet.