2 Panel Arch Continental Door from Jeld-Wen

Continental Interior Passage Door

Available in 6’8″, 7’0″ and 8’0″ heights in passage and bifold sizes.
Elegant smooth finish.
All doors are primed and ready to paint.
Available In:
Hollow Core
Hollow core interior doors are built with a Lightweight sandwich style construction that is filled with honeycomb paper.
Solid Core
Solid core interior doors are constructed with an engineered particleboard core to reduce sound transmission by up to 50 percent (compared to a hollow door) and withstands the dents and dings of daily life.
Door Slabs are door panels with no frame or hardware prep.
Prehung doors are door slabs that are hung on a frame with hinges and lock prep for easy installation.
Bifold closet doors are interior doors that are hinged together, hung from a top mounted track, and fold to one side of the opening. Bifold interior doors are most commonly used in bedroom closets, kitchen pantries and other spots where space is too limited to fit a prehung swinging door.
Double Doors w/ Ball Catches
Interior double doors are two doors hung in one frame. Ball catches mounted on top of each door keep the doors closed, while a dummy lever lock is surface applied thus not needing lock holes. Most commonly used for bedroom closets in which doors will not need to be locked.
Double Doors Active/Inactive
Interior double doors with flush bolts have one door as a primary door (active) which is prepped for a lock while the other door (inactive) is stationary with no lock prep. The inactive door has an Astragal, a T-shaped moulding applied to edge of door, and a flush bolt on the top which can be unlocked to open the inactive door. Commonly used as double door for bedrooms or bathrooms where door must lock and privacy is required.
Pocket Doors
A pocket door is a slab that slides into a pocket made in the wall. An easy to assembly pocket door frame can be ordered with track and mounting hardware. Used in applications where space in front of opening is limited and a swinging door will not work.
Sliding Doors
Sliding bypass doors are two doors mounted on track and slide past each other in an opening. Typically used for closets. Three door systems for up to 12’ openings are also available.
Barn Doors
A door slab which is hung in front of opening with decorative hardware. Barn doors provide a novel way to separate two areas while adding visual interest to a room.

Door Panel Sizes (Slabs)

SIZE CONTINENTAL SMOOTH 6’8″ (80″), 7’0″ (84)
1’0″ special order
1’2″ special order
1’3″ special order
1’4″ special order
1’6″ special order
1’8″ special order
1’10” special order
2’0″ special order
2’2″ special order
2’4″ special order
2’6″ special order
2’8″ special order
2’10” special order
3’0″ special order

Bifold Door Sizes

SIZE CONTINENTAL SMOOTH 6’8″ (80″), 7’0″ (84)
2’0″ special order
2’6″ special order
3’0″ special order

Standard Prehung for Interior Doors

  • Frame: 4-5/8" Finger Joint Pine Primed
  • Hinges: 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 5/8" Radius corner plain bearing hinges. Your choice of hinges color US15 (Satin Nickel) or US10B (Oiled Rubbed Bronze)
  • One Bore for Lock (No Lock Preparation on Double Doors with Ball-Catches)


  • Frame Width:
    • 4-7/8"
    • Frames available in custom sizes from 2-3/4" up to 11-1/4"
  • Type of the Frame:
    • MDF Primed
    • Finger Joint Poplar Primed
    • Poplar
    • Knotty Alder
    • Maple
    • Oak
    • Cherry
  • Color of the Hinges:
    • US26D (Satin Chrome)
    • US26 (Polished Chrome)
    • US15A (Pewter)
    • US5 (Antique Brass)
    • US3 (Polished Brass)
    • US2D (Zinc Dichromate Plated)