1501 Casing

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MDF 3-1/2″ 9/16″ 16′ In Stock
FJP Pine 3-1/2″ 9/16″ 15′ In Stock
FLEX 3-1/2″ 9/16″ Pre-Order
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MDF Primed
Darpet Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) (insert base or casing or crown) moldings are a lightweight engineered wood product that cut and machine just like wood but are more stable to change in humidity and temperature. MDF (insert base or casing or crown) moldings come primed and are ultra-smooth for a perfect finish. Most of our MDF moldings are made with pre-consumer recycled wood making them a very GREEN and sustainable product. MDF moldings are a great choice for paint-grade applications where cost savings are required.
FJP Pine
FJP Pine (primed finger joint pine) (insert base or casing or crown) moldings are made from short pieces of pine wood, finger jointed and glued together. This creates longer pieces than can normally be achieved from a single log without any of the defects and knots. Pine is a softwood which is a more durable upgrade to MDF while still being cost effective. Our FJP Pine is planation grown to ensure sustainability for years to come.
Flex is a flexible material, with similar characteristics of rubber. Flex is used in radius applications like arched windows and curved walls. Flex can be painted or stained with a Gel-Stain to match.